Transway 2

New Generation LCV Tyre
Transway 2 is a Light Commercial Tyre developed for new generation of Light
Commercial Vehicles which ensures safety and efficiency.


  • Safety and efficiency
  • Lower rolling resistance
  • Improved wet & dry performance

Multiways C

All-Season Compound

  • Improved RRC
  • Snow Flake & markings
  • Compatible with new AB standard (R117-02)


New All Season Tyre for Passenger Cars
For mild winter condition areas, sufficient winter performance
compared to summer tyre & comply with winter regulation.

  • Non-compromise from safety and durability
  • Compliance with EU regulation (R117)
  • Have Snow Flake and M+ S marking
  • Improved WET & DRY performance compared to Snoways Era


Created for maximum driving pleasure, perfected by nature
With low rolling resistance you will have a lighter touch on nature as well as on
your resources.

  • Long tread wear life
  • Durability
  • Fuel efficiency

Driveways Sport

High performance without compromising durability…
Driveways Sport is a “High performance” tyre developed for compact,
medium, luxury and sportive car users who enjoy sporty driving style.

  • Safety and control
  • Better handling in all weather conditions
  • Improved wet performance


Performance and comfort without compromising durability…
Driveways is a “Comfort tyre” developed for a considerably wide vehicle
pool ranging from middle class sedans to upper class comfort

  • Comfort
  •  Improved dry & wet handling
  • Longer wear life

Competus HP

High Performance tyre for Premium SUV’s

  • Sporty design •Silica content enhancing wet performance
  • Design for 100% asphalt usage

Competus AT/2

Competus A/T 2 is an “All-Terrain” tyre developed for Pick-Ups and 4×4 SUV’s
with improved Wet Performance and Lower Rolling Resistance compared to
previous pattern.

  • More aggressive pattern and appealing look
  • Improved wet performance
  • Lower rolling resistance